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Like most electric gloves, Widder's are wired in SERIES - without a sharp eye it is easy to miss that!

Unless you are familiar with SERIES vs PARALLEL wiring concepts, ALWAYS use the stock Widder cords!

Conceptually, power flows from the battery to the left glove, through the glove, back to the wire harness junction and up to and through the Right glove before returning to ground (SERIES wiring). Don't try to make cables unless you are sure of the concept of SERIES wiring!

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larger version
Widder Electric Gloves XXL
Widder Electric Gloves XXL

Note you MUST have wiring for these gloves to work, please review, "Gloves – READ FIRST" that is at the end of this section before purchasing gloves.

GLOVES DO COME WITH BASE "O" AND "K" cord below as this is most popular cord used.

We are sorry, but due to loses in transit and customs, billing and shipping address must be inside USA.

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For gloves to function, they need to be wired back to your power source. These cords are available by following the link labeled Replacement Cords on the top left of this page.

If you have no kind of wiring at all (you do not ride with a Widder electric vest), you want to order Lectric-glove Wiring Harness KP ($30.00) - Lectric-glove Wiring Harness for use with no Vest.

If you own an older Widder electric vest known as the Mark II or Ventura II Lectric-vest and your motorcycle is wired with Widder connectors (so you have the two prong female connector attached to your motorcycle), you want to order Lectric-glove wiring harness O ($15.60 ) - Lectric-glove wiring harness for use with Mark II or Ventura II Lectric-vest.

Widder O is the most popular glove connector, 85% of riders choose this option

Or if you think you might ride without your vest but want gloves (this is fairly rare, most riders would use their vest first to keep their core warm, but riders that get cold hands fairly easy but do not tend to get cold in other areas might want to ride with gloves only), you will want to use Lectric-glove wiring harness P ($18.70) Lectric-glove wiring harness for use with no vest - Plugs directly into Battery Cord. This cord is part of the KP kit, so it is really for riders without an existing battery Battery Cord.

IF you have a newer vest, like those that we sell, if you look on the shoulder you will see two flaps (one on each shoulder). Under those flaps are snaps for wires that can attach to the vest and stay attached. Look at the item titled Glove Harness NO Arm Chaps - O2 ($15.60) Lectric-glove wiring harness for use with System1 or System2 Lectric-vest (with no ArmChaps).

The neat thing about this system is that the glove wires are always attached to the vest. That is both really good but does have some side-effects. The good is you won’t lose your wires and will always have them and they are easy to connect. The bad is that say you take your riding jacket off, now you have wires hanging off your vest as the wires will pull out with your jacket (unless you are the type that leaves their jacket and vest on and off at the same time. If you leave your vest on, the wires will pull out of your jacket and then have to be feed back on when you put your riding jacket back on. This system is very neat if you use it that way, if not…

Even if you have the newer vest supplied as above, a lot of riders will use the connectors from Lectric-glove wiring harness O ($15.60 ) - Lectric-glove wiring harness for use with Mark II or Ventura II Lectric-vest. This wiring will T into the connector to your vest and then you run it up the left side of your jacket and in to each arm. The wiring typically says in your jacket (some people will attach it so it does not pull out and becomes part of your riding gear) and you can always ride just using your gloves, you are not tethered to your vest. The downside is that a lot of riders switch gear so they don’t attach the wires, they just feed them in before a ride which means they also take them out. So it is easy to mis-place the wiring and not have it when a cold day hits. Still, this is the most popular method….

FINALLY… a few riders have taken the Lectric-glove wiring harness O ($15.60 ) - Lectric-glove wiring harness for use with Mark II or Ventura II Lectric-vest and lengthened the cord (or just purchased the repair connectors we have and made their own) and ran the wiring up to the handlebars with enough length left to let the wires snakes to the gloves. This has it’s own set of challenges; you basically have to make the cords, and if you are not behind a fairing the wire that comes from your handlebar to the gloves will be flapping in the wind and then you also have to figure out what to do with the wires when you don’t need the gloves…

We are sorry, but due to loses in transit and customs, billing and shipping address must be inside USA.

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